My Oral Village is a not-for-profit organization that designs 'oral' financial tools and solutions. Many illiterate individuals cannot understand the financial records needed to save, borrow, or transfer money. We are creating usable financial records to help nearly 1 billion illiterate adults take control of their relationships with developing cash economies and financial systems, and get on the path to steady asset accumulation. Our approach draws on extensive field experience and emerging research into oral financial capabilities, behaviors and practices. 'Orality' refers to the capabilities of illiterate and innumerate individuals, and also the behavior, practices and culture of communities in which most people are illiterate and text is habitually avoided or distrusted.

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Functional numeracy for millions of adult women. A safe,flexible savings account that illiterate villagers can understand, use and trust. Thriving, dynamic villages creating opportunities at home. If this vision excites you, call us about our volunteer opportunities. Make My Oral Village YOURS.