My Oral Village is a non-profit organization launched in 2011. We are developing tools for oral communities to have direct and effective access to financial services, and to be able to successfully govern enterprises essential to their livelihoods.

Research, innovation, and partnership drive our approach with the goal of enabling innumerate and semi-numerate people to build their confidence in financial tools and overcome poverty through financial inclusion. This demographic of illiterate and innumerate rural people numbers over 1 billion globally, and have been traditionally skeptical of financial services delivered by outside organizations.

Our Executive Director, Brett Matthews has extensive experience with microfinance in oral communities and designing ‘oral’ information management systems; he will be pushing our plans forward. Thank you to our donors, volunteers, board members and partners around the world for your support and commitment to  research and implementation of our ‘oral’ financial tools.

Heather Broughton
My Oral Village

Make it YOURS!

Functional numeracy for millions of adult women. A safe,flexible savings account that illiterate villagers can understand, use and trust. Thriving, dynamic villages creating opportunities at home. If this vision excites you, call us about our volunteer opportunities. Make My Oral Village YOURS.