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We all need to manage information -- store it for later retrieval and re-use. Unschooled adults must adapt to a modernizing world with little or no recourse to text or 3+ digit numerals. Oral information management (OIM) tools, and solutions composed of clusters of tools, address this problem. There are two types of OIM solutions: those designed to help villagers understand retail financial services (such as savings records, loan contracts or mobile banking software) and those designed to help villagers safely govern their own pools of capital (like financial statements, management reports and board minutes). The Savings Group project involves a mixture of both.

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Functional numeracy for millions of adult women. A safe,flexible savings account that illiterate villagers can understand, use and trust. Thriving, dynamic villages creating opportunities at home. If this vision excites you, call us about our volunteer opportunities. Make My Oral Village YOURS.