At the heart of our mission is a simple proposition: that illiterate individuals resist using financial services delivered in text and numbers, because they can't decode their transaction records in real-time. This skews the microfinance use towards the literate, who tend to be less poor. There are ambitious plans to achieve global financial inclusion within a decade. The risk that illiteracy may be a formidable barrier to these plans, and that the world's poorest adults will once again be left behind, has received too little attention. At My Oral Village research is identifying, mapping and categorizing the risks, and providing a foundation for empirically-grounded solutions.

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Functional numeracy for millions of adult women. A safe,flexible savings account that illiterate villagers can understand, use and trust. Thriving, dynamic villages creating opportunities at home. If this vision excites you, call us about our volunteer opportunities. Make My Oral Village YOURS.