Dulce Milay Barrera Rangel


Dulce Milay Barrera Rangel is a UX/UI Designer graduated from Centennial College in Toronto, Canada. She was born in Venezuela and also partially studied architecture there. In 2018 she joined My Oral Village thanks to a collaboration with Centennial College where they designed an app interface for illiterate people in India to make financial transactions.

 She has always been passionate about helping others with the skills she has and more importantly to whom she seems to resolve a problem that her family had. Her grandmothers were illiterate but they were very smart, they were able to do mathematics just by memorizing the bills, also her grandfather was an orphan in Colombia he was able to learn how to read but never went to school, just with the option of reading he build a successful business that lasted for more than 30 years. She continues improving and hope to be a good help for illiterates.  





Toronto, Ontario, Canada