My Oral Village, with our partner MicroSave, an international financial inclusion consulting firm, are pleased to announce the launch of our study entitled Digital wallet adoption for the oral segment in India: concept development for MoWO (mobile wallet for oral).

Based on field research with over 300 economically active, mostly rural adults across Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and the Punjab late last year, the study assessed the levels of practical numeracy available to this population to support effective use of mobile wallets. Mobile wallets, which allow their users to send and receive money, pay bills and shop using their mobile phones, are common in India, where the market leading company, PayTM, had opened 200 million by February, 2017.

By identifying gaps in numeracy skills that are typical in rural India, our team was able to design a concept-level prototype for a mobile wallet designed for the oral market segment. Subsequent tests of usability showed that illiterate and innumerate individuals found this design substantially more usable than any in the current marketplace.

Three blogs and a briefing note will be published in the coming days. They can be found on our blog site and the MicroSave LinkedIn discussion page. 

MicroSave is an international financial inclusion consulting firm with nearly 20 years of experience, operating in eleven offices across Asia and Africa. Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of institutions to deliver market-led, scalable financial services to all people through guiding policy & facilitating partnerships to develop enabling eco-systems; comprehensive, customised strategic advice; and actionable, on-site operational assistance. We have worked to design and implement a variety of financial inclusion models. ”

My Oral Village is a social enterprise working at the oral-digital frontier to build trusted, usable financial solutions for economically active adults with low literacy and numeracy capabilities. We deliver interface designs, consulting, research and hands-on capacity building services to financial services providers world-wide.

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