Consulting Collage copyMy Oral Village designs oral information management (OIM) tools and solutions for a full range of clients focused on financial inclusion, from NGOs, microfinance institutions and banks to mobile network operators. Among our capabilities are the following:

  • field research on oral financial numeracy capabilities
  • oralized app design (payments, learning games, calculators etc)
  • savings group interface design (passbooks, digital ledger apps, cash-out processes etc)
  • usability diagnostics of financial service interfaces for illiterate adults
  • feasibility studies for retail interface enhancements
  • development of training programs and manuals for in-house OIM design

Unless specifically requested by the client, OIM designs focus only on changes to the interface and the information flows, and do not require changes in product features or product design. Tweaks in operational aspects of service delivery may be recommended in certain cases, but are usually not essential.

Brett Matthews, the lead consultant, has nearly 25 years of experience in financial services and microfinance.


Brett Hudson Matthews
Executive Director, My Oral Village Inc.