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We offer a range of products and services — digital, paper-based and customized solutions —  that help savings groups, micro-entrepreneurs, self-help groups and families to improve financial numeracy. Our products include the following. 

Cash Calculator

The Cash Calculator provides the ability to complete cash calculations with the use of a calculator for those who are not able to identify nor read numbers, especially numbers which exceed 2 or 3 digits.

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Cash Planner

The Cash Planner Tool gives persons, the ability to plan for the future in cash.

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Financial Numeracy Games

Financial numeracy games are designed to introduce numbers to those with little or no experience with what numbers look like or how they are written.

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The Mobile Wallet Game

The Mobile Wallet Game introduces individuals to mobile phone and mobile wallet usage on feature phones.

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Our work is guided by some key design principles that link the principles of human-centricity and user-experience with financial inclusion.

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