The Cash Calculator

The Cash Calculator provides the ability to complete cash calculations with the use of a calculator for those who are not able to identify nor read numbers, especially numbers which exceed 2 or 3 digits.


  • A tool that solves problems with calculating large amounts of money
  • It relieves the problem for individuals who cannot read and write numbers. They must either do all calculations in their minds or not at all.
  • With this tool, they can complete calculations involving money with less errors.
  • Visible evidence of a purchase tally or amount for multiple purchases



  • Uses an image bar
  • Numeric and image mode
  • Adds, subtracts, multiplies
  • Users can learn numbers through repetitive use


Target Users:

  • Market Vendors – buyers and sellers
  • Micro Entrepreneurs
  • Record Keepers – e.g. in Savings Groups, shoppers/buyers



  • Smart phone
  • Tablets

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