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Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion Is Possible  for innumerate and semi-numerate people, through tools, knowledge and confidence to access financial services.

Digital and Paper Based Financial Tools

With a little training on our Oral Information Management (OIM) employing ground-truthed images to represent numerals, innumerate women can pick up a pen and – without help – correctly record a deposit in a passbook or a payment in a loan history.

Rural Outreach

These programs reached thousands of women in remote island communities marked by extremely high levels of illiteracy.

Savings Group Developments

Some of our paper-based OIM tools are collected in a ‘Savings Group Practice Guide’ developed for adoption by the Ministry of Women of the Solomon Islands and the Mothers’ Unions of the Anglican Church of Melanesia for their savings group programs.

These programs reached thousands o

World Vision in the Solomon Islands has implemented an

Women of Pastorial Tribes in Northern Keyna Get Support To Build Sustainable Livelihoods With Digital Record Keeping Tools

Savings Group Developments

We are training 450 women with our innovation OIM solutions to support their building sustainable livelihoods. These women are among 37,000 who have passed through The Boma Project which strives to end extreme poverty while unleaching the entrepreneurial spirit

We have observed oral people using our mobile app 4-Share Cash Calculator [DM1] to add up several multi-digit numbers without errors (illustrated in this 5-minute video).