Our Work

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Our Goals

Every Illiterate person in the world should be able to safely and independently use financial services.

What We Do

We design interfaces for financial services that oral adults, who cannot read and write, can safely and confidently use. To make these designs we utilize a process and set of tools we call ‘oral information management’ (OIM). People who cannot read and write need oralized financial records.

We Will Work With You

We work with organizations who have an interest in reaching underserved populations – including microfinance institutions, NGOs, fintechs, financial cooperatives and governments. We oralize retail interfaces so that they are accesible when used to communicate with customers about their financial transactions.

Oral Interface Solutions for Your Services

Savings Accounts
Savings Groups

Oralizing A Financial Services Interface Solves FOUR Major Problems For Your Oral Users

  1. A way to represent large numbers that they are easily understood
  2. A way to represent modern measurements of time (especially calendar time) that they can easily understand.
  3. Iconography or other forms of guidance to make it easy for them to navigate through the interface, and find information that they need.
  4. A way to support the efforts of curious users to acquire important skills like basic financial numeracy, or the ability to recognize their name in writing.