Margaret Hazlewood

Margaret is a Marketing Professional, with over 15 years experience, who blends experience in  Consumer and B2B, and Not-for-Profit segments in bringing new technologies and solutions to market in a global environment.

Her experience spans expertise in strategic marketing planning, product management, marketing communications and promotions, branding , digital marketing , lead generation, sales planning, and forming strategic alliances to increase value propositions .

Start-up technology companies and new product developers can look to Margaret for help in developing core value propositions and branding stories that resonate with their target segments.

Margaret is currently the Marketing Director at My Oral Village, a Not-for-Profit focused on developing financial tools for the one billion plus people globally who cannot read and write.

Spicy food?  Anytime says Margaret.  She also enjoys experiencing different cultures, dancing, long nature walks and unwinding at Nordic spas.